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How evaporative cooling works

When we throw mist into the air, what we’re really doing is throwing millions and millions of tiny little droplets of water. Each one of these tiny little droplets, depending on the size of it, has a ratio of the surface area to the actual amount of water in the air. At high pressure, every gallon of water that we throw into the air has a surface area about the size of a soccer field – quite a bit bigger than a football field actually.

So, if you can imagine spreading a gallon of water over a soccer field, before you got 20 feet, it would be evaporating behind you. And that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to create a term we’ve coined called “Flash Evaporation”. That’s where you have so much surface area in the water out there that it absorbs the energy in the atmosphere (heat) so quickly, that it changes from a liquid to a gas.

This is how cooling happens when using high pressure outdoor misting.

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