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Hydro breeze misting systems install the best patio misting system and misting fan systems for your outdoor cooling and mosquito control systems in Houston Texas.

Our Services:
  • Manufacturer of Misting Systems – Buy Directly from us.
  • Installation of Misting Systems for Residential, Restaurants, Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Installation of Mosquito Misting Systems
  • Misting System Rentals for outdoor events – Misting Fans, Misting Tents, and Inflatable Misting Tent
  • Heavy-duty Misting Equipment Rental for construction sites
  • Serving Texas

Hydrobreeze Misting System Videos:

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We specialize in the installation of misting systems for the following applications:

  • Restaurant Patio Misting for outdoor seating
  • Residential Patio Misting and Special effects misting
  • Industrial Misting for petrochemical misting applications
  • Sports misting systems
  • We are Houston-based and serve Houston and surrounding areas. Get a quote and installation.

 Installation of Misting Systems Installation for Residential, Restaurant, and Industrial Applications:

Say hello to outdoor comfort. Say hello to Hydro Breeze Misting Systems. The Houston metro area solution to outdoor heat in the summer. Let us help you to create the ultimate in outdoor cooling comfort for patios, outdoor kitchens, playgrounds, pools or outdoor living places you want to be comfortable to live, work and play with our Professional Misting Systems Installation. Call us to get a quote.

* conditions apply.
  • Read how our misting systems helped our customers.
  1. Bakery Humidification System
  2. Petro Chem Transfer Misting System
  3. Produce Case Misting System – Grocery Store Misting
  4. Kindergarten Misting System
  5. Parks and RV Parks Misting Systems
  6. Industrial Machinery Cooling System
  7. Data Centers Cooling System

Misting System Applications :

We specialize in making custom built misting systems for industrial and commercial applications. We have designed, built and installed misting systems for specialized misting applications. Our Misting Systems are designed using Misting Lines and/or Outdoor Rated Fans.

Mosquito Misting Systems – Installation, Repair, Service and Parts:

At Hydrobreeze we install the best mosquito control systems Houston with our highly effective outdoor remote controlled mosquito misting systems, to provide you an effective solution to controlling mosquitoes and pests. Call us or chat with us to get a free quote for your mosquito system. We do installation of mosquito systems and repair of all mosquito systems.

Misting Systems Rentals for Outdoor Events:

Want to hold an outdoor event? Want an Industrial Misting System for Rent?

Contact us for rental of Misting tents, Misting Fans, Portable Misting System for Outdoor Events for residential or commercial events.

Contact us for Industrial Misting Systems rental.

Houston Misting Systems:

Our goal is to cool you off in the summer and remove unwanted pest, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable with our best misting systems and mosquito control systems.

Hydro Breeze misting systems is the only company in the greater Houston area specializing in installing outdoor cooling misting systems for indoor and outdoor cooling applications, solving heat and insect related problems. Residential Outdoor Cooling reduces temperatures with a combination of evaporative and convective techniques

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