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Stay Cool with Hydro Breeze Misting Systems in Houston, TX

Looking for an effective way to beat the heat and keep your outdoor space comfortable? Hydro Breeze Misting Systems offers a range of high-quality misting systems for outdoor cooling, mosquito control, and more. Our misting systems can reduce outdoor temperatures by up to 30 degrees, making them a perfect choice for patio misting, restaurant patio misting, and other residential and commercial applications.

In addition to providing comfort, our misting systems can also help reduce electricity bills for warehouses and factories by cooling the roof, and eliminate odors from landfills and food processing plants with our odor control misting system. Our industrial misting systems can also reduce overheating on furnaces and machinery, and our greenhouse misting systems can help automate the cultivation of mushrooms and other crops.

Misting System Rental for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Misting Applications

But that's not all – Hydro Breeze Misting Systems also offers a range of misting rentals for outdoor events, including misting fans, misting tents, and inflatable misting tents. We even offer heavy-duty misting equipment rentals for construction sites.

Why choose Hydro Breeze Misting Systems?

As a manufacturer of misting systems, we offer a range of customizable options and have more than 25 years of experience in the installation of misting systems for residential, restaurant, commercial, and industrial applications. Our misting systems are designed and assembled in the USA with Made in USA components, and feature advanced technology like smart phone control and pre-installed solenoid valves, pressure switches, and thermal safety switches.

Contact Hydro Breeze Misting Systems today to learn more about our misting systems and how we can help you stay cool and comfortable in any setting