Boasting UL 507-certification, our high-velocity outdoor-rated Mist Fan is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cooling use. It is a powerhouse, designed for a performance featuring a 1500psi High-Pressure Stainless-Steel Misting Ring and 3-speed Pull Chain. 1/25 Horsepower, Phase 1, 1.2 Amps, 120V/60Hz, 1550 RPM, CFM 2500. Comes with 8’ electric Cord, adjustable Fan angle, and is available in black or white. Oscillating Fans are available. For use to cool mist and reduce hot temperatures by up to 30-Degrees F in backyards, auto mechanic garages, warehouses, barns, stables, greenhouses, sports arenas and stadiums, weddings, bar mitzvas, quinteneras, picnic pavilions, baseball games, football practice, soccer stadiums, military training, athletic training, and more!

SITUATION Your church has a covered patio that is sizzling hot during summer months which makes it virtually unusable. All that square footage is going to waste, and no one is able to enjoy outdoor gatherings. You’ve got money in the budget for a solution to the problem but it’s not limitless. Parishioners would really like to use that patio for dinners, picnics, wedding receptions, and even weddings.

SOLUTION Mistcooling’s High-Velocity Outdoor Fan can cool temperatures by up to 30-Degrees F keeping church-goers cool, comfortable, and able to withstand modified outdoor temperatures. If in the future, you would like to pair your fan with one of a wide variety of mid-pressure and high-pressure pumps, you can. Whether you wish to use it with a 160psi pump or 1000psi pump, it will function perfectly without any hassle. Go ahead and invest in this cool misting, high-velocity fan to cool air mist parishioners at any event. Water doesn’t puddle on table, chair, or floor surfaces making it unpleasant to sit and eat, or slippery to walk.

The misting fan features mountable clamps which make it easy for users to hang it on walls. It is a great choice for cooling homes with pets and children running around. With this fan hanging on your wall, you can easily keep your surroundings cool with the peace of mind that it is out of children’s reach.

These 3-speed fans consume less current, are weather proof for outdoor applications, and are whisper quiet. The fan mounting bracket allows for sideways or up/down movement of the fan angle based on how it is mounted. 18-inch fan has approximate air throw of 20-30FT. All fans are wall-mounted. However, 24-inch and 30-inch pedestal fans can be purchased on our website.


  • Cools hot temperatures by up to 30-Degrees F
  • Durable corrosion-resistant finish
  • Compatible with Mid-Pressure 160psi Pump or High-Pressure 1000psi Pump
  • Thermal overload Protection protects your investment from burning up
  • Quiet so it isn’t distracting
  • Generates energy efficiency savings


  • 1/25 Horsepower
  • Phase 1
  • 1.2 Amps
  • 120V/60Hz
  • 1550 RPM
  • CFM 2500
  • 3-speed pull chain
  • Comes with an 8FT cord
  • Available in black or white
  • Air throws up to 30FT
  • 24-Inch and 30-Inch Pedestal Fans available to purchase
  • Sealed outdoor-rated industrial
  • Motor with thermal overload protection
  • Industrial grade aluminum blade
  • 9FT heavy-duty cord with cord wrap
  • Quiet operation
  • OSHA-approved Fan Grill
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Anti-Drip Nozzles



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Low-Pressure Cool Misting Fan Kit 

Beat the heat this summer by turning an ordinary fan into a Cool Misting Fan! Instantly create cool zone using our Retro Fan Mist Ring with adjustable spray direction and leak-proof Compression Fittings. Designed to produce fine mist with use of standard water faucet. Simply attach to your Fan and turn on water!  Fan NOT included – sold separately. 

SITUATION Would you like your fan to push around cool air instead of hot air? That’s all a regular fan does, push around HOT air.

SOLUTION Engineered with high quality materials and configured to run with an average water faucet pressure, our Mist Fan Kit-Low Pressure is an affordable cooling option for homeowners. Our Misting System works the best at 40-60psi city water pressure.

Any ordinary fan, regardless of its size simply moves hot air from one location to another. By adding mist, same fan will now circulate significantly cooler air throughout the area. Our mist kit is manufactured with finest stainless-steel orifice misting nozzles and leak proof fittings that are adjustable for optimal mist angle. Result is fine mist that evaporates quicker, leaving you with refreshingly cool breeze.

This kit does NOT require a Misting Pump for operation. Made with high quality UV-protected Tubing to ensure longevity. Great for Pedestal, Floor, or Wall Mount Fans.

To enjoy a refreshingly cool air, simply attach the Retro Fan Mist Ring to the front grill of your existing fan and connect the Supply Line Tubing to your garden hose or spigot. Turn on your water and enjoy!


  • Completely Pre-Assembled, just unpack and attach
  • Works at 40-100psi city water pressure
  • Adjustable spray direction so you can change it at any time
  • Ultra-fine Brass with Stainless-Steel Orifice Nozzles resist rust
  • Leak-proof Compression Fittings keep wetness off surfaces
  • UV-Protected Flexible Tubing will not crack or break except under the most extreme weather conditions
  • Includes 6FT Supply line with Garden Hose Connector and screen filter washer

APPLICATIONS Backyards, patios, balconies, verandas, barns, greenhouses, gardens, courtyards, dog runs, chicken coups, and more!

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Stainless-Steel Fan Misting Ring 

Pre-threaded 10/24-Inch 4-Nozzle Fitting 3/8-Inch Stainless-Steel Fan Mister Ring used with misting nozzles on any 14-18-inch diameter Fans will reduce sizzling hot temperatures. Now enjoy the outdoors more than ever! Turn any existing fan into a cooling mist fan with HydroBreeze’s Stainless-Steel Mist Ring! This High-Pressure Misting Fan Ring is the perfect solution for cooling hot work areas, restaurant or home patios and even barns on those harsh summer days. Any ordinary fan, regardless of its size simply moves hot air from one location to another. By adding mist, your existing fan will now circulate significantly cooler air throughout the area. By adding this Stainless-Steel Cool Misting Ring in front of your existing fan, refreshingly cool mist will be released in to air. Your fan in combination with heat will now help instant evaporation of this mist. Thus, dramatically reducing the surrounding temperatures by as much as 30-Degrees F! 

Nozzles not included with ring. Fans sold separately.


  • Compatible with all High and Mid-Pressure Misting Booster Pumps
  • Helps cool hot temperatures by up to 30-Degrees F.
  • Stainless-steel ring will not corrode and has a Mist Cooling Inc. Lifetime Guarantee.
  • You can use your existing fan to save money on installing a misting system in your home or outdoors.
  • UV-Protected Supply Line Tubing included; attach to standard garden hose or spigot to access water supply.
  • Ring is made of quality stainless-steel and is hand-welded.
  • Custom fabricated stainless-steel Mist Rings and Manifolds are also available on request.

Use Mistcooling Inc Stainless-Steel Fan Misting Ring 12-4 to cool outdoor and indoor-workspace areas by up to 30-Degrees F! Sample applications include cooling patios, porches, pets, and greenhouses. Larger Misting Rings are available for larger fans to cover more area. Fan and Nozzles not included. 


  • Four 10/24-Inch pre-threaded Nozzle Slots
  • Includes Supply Line Tubing 
  • For use on 14-18-inch diameter Fans
  • Push-to-connect Inlet Fitting
  • 12-Inch Stainless-Steel Fan Mist Ring
  • Ring is made from 3/8-inch Rigid Industrial Grade 316 Stainless-Steel
  • Nozzle slots rated for up to 2000psi
  • Requires 10/24-Inch threaded Misting Nozzles

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Custom manufactured Max 250psi Misting System Booster Pump for Mid Pressure Misting Systems to help you enjoy superior quality mist that vaporizes into air faster without the extra moisture and cool temps by up to 30°F. 110V ac, 1.2 Amps,  0.90 GPM, Max 250psi, whisper quiet, stainless steel inlet solenoid, thermal safety switch, built in Filtration, supports up to 40ct water misting nozzles. Outdoor air cooling system applications include mist spray for patio, outdoor porch misters, spray cooling system for garages, barns, stables, chicken coups, gazebo misting system, and small greenhouse misting systems! 

SITUATION You want a cool misting system to cool off your backyard areas or your indoor workspaces without breaking the bank. There is no DIY time to squeeze into your busy schedule, so you need whatever you purchase to be pre-assembled.

SOLUTION Mist Cooling Inc’s 250psi Cooling Mist Pump is loaded with features and ready to use out of the box. It includes a thermal safety switch to guard against the pump and motor burning up, and a five micron sediment filtration to prevent clogs. It has a built in durable fan and rust proof enclosure that keeps the water misting pump well protected from extreme weather conditions.

Drastically improve the performance of your mid pressure misting system components with the use of this performance driven mist pump. Enjoy better cooling mist quality in a larger outdoor space or indoor workspace.


  • 250psi Booster Pump
  • 110V ac, 1.2 Amps, 0.90 GPM, Maximum 250psi
  • Also available in 220V ac and 12V dc
  • Rated less than 40db, it is WHISPER QUIET!
  • Durable, Rust Proof Enclosure with On/Off switch 
  • Stainless Steel Inlet Solenoid (an automatic water On/Off valve); but just in case, the Motor can run dry without any damage incurred
  • Thermal Safety Switch
  • 3/8” Inlet, and ¼” outlet push to connect Misting Fittings
  • Size is 19” x 7” x 8”
  • Max output capacity of 250psi
  • Built in Filtration
  • Supports up to 40ct Misting System Nozzles (the max this pump can operate without losing pressure)
  • ¾” Garden Hose Mister Fitting connects to common garden hose or spigot
  • Can be placed up to 200FT from Misting Line without significant pressure losses
  • Includes 6FT Three Prong Wall Plug
  • Misting Booster Pump can be modified to prime water from a tank or gravity feed to use with a standard garden hose
  • Powered by a totally enclosed self priming Mister Pump Head, and Motor 
  • Compatible with a variety of OPTIONAL Timers and Controllers

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PATIO MISTING SYSTEM – 200 PSI – Made in USA Misting Pump

Do-it-yourself mid-pressure patio misting system by Hydrobreeze Misting Systems. It offers excellent value and efficient performance for a variety of small outdoor projects. Available in 110V AC, 220V AC, and 12V DC.

SITUATION- Hot summer days make backyard patios, porches, and gazebos to hot to enjoy more than a couple of hours in the early morning or late evening. Your kids stay in the house all day long. You would like to stay out and get fresh air and sun but its way to hot!

SOLUTION This weekend’s DIY project is your answer. The 200 PSI Patio Misting System is an economical mid-pressure mist-cooling system to instantly cool down your outdoor spaces by up to 30°F.

You can also build a special effects fogging system and impress family and friends with your creativity by attaching the mist line within the trees, or even by the side of a pool. (Requires Nozzle Clusters)

The possibilities are endless so, why not cool your boat or RV, play areas for kids and pets, drop the temperature or add humidity to the plants in your greenhouse?

This system includes everything you need for a trouble-free installation.


  • Quiet operation (35 DB)
  • Self-priming, and can be configured to draw water from a tank or bucket
  • Maximum Pump Pressure 200 PSI
  • 110V AC (12V AC and 220V AC available)
  • Supports up to 24 nozzles
  • Reusable Push-Lock fittings
  • Built-In Thermal Safety Switch (intermittent usage)
  • Oil-less pumps have built-in thermal safety switch and may cycle off cool-off
  • The motor can run dry without damage
  • Pump available in 110V AC, 220V AC, and 12V DC


  • 200 PSI self-priming mist pump (can also draw from a tank/bucket)
  • 50’ of tubing
  • 12 Brass/Stainless-Steel Orifice Misting Nozzles
  • 12 push lock misting tees
  • Filter, garden hose connector, and clamps for installation


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