• AC Pre-Cooling System: Reduce your AC bill with our commercial and residential AC Pre-Cooling Misting System.
  • Apartment Misting System: Give your apartment complex a resort-like feeling with our misting system, misting fans, and special effects misting system.
  • Kindergarten Misting System: Give your kids a cool and refreshing time in the park without an automated misting system.
  • Restaurant Misting System: Make your outdoor seating comfortable and cool with our 1500 PSI misting system, with a fine mist, and outdoor-rated misting fans. We have 24 Inch and 30 Inch Oscillating Misting Fan systems for restaurants.
                   Misting Fans
         1500 PSI Misting Pump
                Misting Tent
      Portable Misting Fan for                  construction sites
          Restaurant Misting Fan
       Industrial Misting Systems

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