Industrial Misting Application

Our industrial misting are geared for specialized misting applications:

  • Data Center Misting
  • Petro Chemical Misting
  • Industrial Machinery cooling
  • Humidification
  • Greenhouse Misting


1000 PSI & 1500 PSI Misting Pumps

Dust Control Systems – for Construction

Industrial Misting Kits


Data Center Misting Systems


Industrial Pre-Cooling Systems



Fan Misting Systems

Hydrobreeze Industrial Misting System Applications Include:

      • AC Pre-Cooling to cool furnaces and your heavy equipment, for efficient operation.
      • Construction Misting System for dust control and dust suppression.
      • Odor control for landfills, waste recycling facilities.
      • Train Tracks Cooling
      • Data Center Misting
      • Petro Chemical Industries cooling
      • 4D theatres
      • Theme parks
      • Pet Parks and Pet facilities
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