Misting System Applications – Misting Fans – Misting Systems

Hydrobreeze Misting Systems Serves Houston and surrounding areas.

We are Texas based. Contact us on 832 585 4047 for these services:

  1. Misting System Installation – Residential, Restaurant, Commercial & Industrial
  2. Misting Systems Service and Repair
  3. Mosquito System Installation and service
  4. Misting System rental for outdoor events

We are the manufacturer of our misting systems, and can offer these misting products:

  • High Pressure Misting Pumps – 1500 PSI – can be smartphone-controlled, automated, and can run up to 250 Misting Nozzles. 
  • Outdoor Rated high velocity 3 – Speed Osciallitaing Misting Fans. Come in 18 Inch, 24 Inch, and 30 Inch Fans.
  • Misting Tents
  • Mosquito Misting Systems.


We specialize in misting installations in Houston and surrounding areas. Our misting system installation portfolio includes installation of misting systems, misting fans, and mosquito misting systems for the following mistcooling applications:

  • Residential Patio Misting Installation with 1500 PSI High pressure misting systems using stainless steel tubing and high pressure nylon tubing.
  • Produce case misting system. Grocery store misting system comes with an automated misting system to spray the products at regular intervals with filtrated water and stainless steel misting nozzles.
  • Restaurant misting systems with outdoor rated misting fans for restaurants with outdoor seating. 
  • Industrial misting systems for industrial misting applications like warehouse cooling, roof cooling, ca pre-cooling, and shipping warehouse cooling.
  • Apartment complex misting to give your apartment and resort-like feeling. 
  • Outdoor kitchen cooling with misting fans and misting systems