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  • Summertime is all about having fun and relaxing but when the weather gets super hot, it becomes difficult to have a good time outdoors.
  • If you’ve planned a barbeque party for your friends and family this summer in your backyard patio, but if you’re now thinking of postponing the party because of the hot weather, then wait!
  • Why don’t you consider installing a patio misting system? Read on to find out how and what a mist cooling system do for you.
High Pressure Misting Systems – 1500 PSI


  • This mist cooling system is exclusively designed and built to cool patios.
  • By installing a patio misting system, you can easily and more importantly, instantly create a comfortable and cool zone even in the hottest summer days.
  • With a misting system, you don’t have to plan or postpone your event depending on the weather. You can plan and organize your parties whenever you like without worrying about the heat and temperature.
  • Besides creating a cool zone, the mist from the system helps keep insects and mosquitoes away. The mist wets the wings of these bugs and flying insects making it difficult for them to hover around your patio. This means that you can relax peacefully without worrying about insect bites.
  • Once you install this system, you can enjoy food outdoors, play games, relax, organize parties and enjoy gatherings with friends. You don’t have to restrict yourself indoors and wait for winters to come before you can have a fun time outdoors.


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How does it function?

  • The patio misting system is superior in functionality and very easy to install and use. The mist from the system is generated by attaching the system either directly or through a pump to the water source. If you have a low pressure misting system, it will work directly at the city water pressure.
  • However, for mid and high pressure misting systems to work, you will need a misting pump.
  • The water passes through the pump to the mist nozzles featuring ultra fine nozzles which are then broken down into tiny droplets before emitted in the air.

Parts Required to Make the System Work

  • There are some essential parts that you will need to invest in for the patio misting system to work at its optimal performance. What parts you purchase largely depends on the system you have selected to install. For example, for a low pressure misting system you will not need a misting pump. The low pressure system is configured to work at the city water pressure of 40 psi to 100 psi. All you need to do is attach it with the garden hose or faucet.
  • For mid and high pressure systems, you will need stainless steel nozzles, misting pumps, tubing and proper fittings. For mid pressure, you will require a 160 psi to 250 psi pump while for a high pressure system you will need a specialized pump of 750 psi, 1000psi or 1500psi.
  • The stainless steel nozzles will help breakdown water into mist generated through the pump. Nozzles made from stainless steel with ultrafine orifices are best to ensure that the mist generated is of the highest quality and leaves minimal residue on the floor.
  • Another important part that you’ll have to invest in is the HP nylon tubing. It is both corrosion resistant and UV resistant. In other words, it will not crack or leak because of heat or pressure.

Applications for the High Pressure Misting Systems:

  • Residential Patio misting
  • Outdoor Restaurant Cooling
  • Indoor Restaurant Cooling
  • Warehouse Cooling
  • Industrial Misting
  • Greenhouse Humidification

1500 PSI Misting Pump features:

  • Max 1500psi output
  • Leading the Industry
  • Direct Drive piston pump
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Fan Cooled Totally Enclosed Motor
  • Built in no water cut-off switch
  • Built in solenoid
  • Built in pressure bypass
  • Built in thermal safety switch (0.15 & 0.30GPM)
  • Durable Outdoor Compatible Rust Proof Enclosure
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Includes 5 Micron Commercial Sediment Filter
  • Includes all necessary fittings for pump and filter inlet/outlets
  • Includes 6ft Garden hose for inlet and 1/4” OD or 3/8” OD high pressure tube outlet fitting
  • 1/4” NPTF threads on pump and filter inlet/outlets once factory supplied fittings are removed



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