Petro Chem Industrial Misting System

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From design to installation, consulting, material only we can assisit in any project that needs a cooling solution.

The following is an example for a Petro Chem Industry a fan cooling system used to lower compressor psi for loading compressed gas onto ships. The goal was to lower the product temperature to reduce compressor making it possible to load all day during summer months.

The solution was a misting system located under the cooling lines and fans with 1400 nozzles spaced every two feet.

Hydro breeze industrial Misting applications

  • Petro chemical

We offer mist cooling solutions for a variety of applications

  • Fin Bank
  • Processor
  • Work Station
  • Condenser Cooling
  • Compressor Cooling
  • Aeroponics Misting
  • Data Center Misting

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