Restaurant and Resort Misting Systems

Restaurant Misting System - Line System
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What we Offer:

Installation & Service – Misting System, Fan Misting Systems, Mosquito Misting Systems

  • Manufacturer of Misting Systems
  • High-Pressure Fan Misting Systems with Outdoor Rated Fans, 1500 PSI Misting Pumps. Our high-velocity fans come in 24 Inch and 30 Inch Sizes.
  • Line Based Misting Systems for  Patios, Special Effects, and Outdoor Cooling.
  • Our Past Projects include:
  1. 5 Star Resort
  2. Houston Restaurants
  3. Houston Ice House
  4. International Shipping Warehouse
  5. San Antonio River Walk
  6. 4-D Cinema Halls
  7. Data Center
  8. Railway Track Cooling
  9. Livestock Cooling
  10. Wolf Sanctuary
  11. Residential 
  12. Junior Olympics
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Make your Restaurant Patio and Outdoor Seating comfortable with Hydrobreeze Misting System.

  • Many local area restaurant owners with outdoor sitting arrangements say that their sales drop during summers. This is typical because they don’t have adequate space inside to cater to all their walk-in customers and many patrons then choose to go to another restaurant in the locality if they have to sit outdoors in summers.
  • Though sitting outdoors and enjoying your meal under the sun is more fun than indoors, it is not so in the scorching summer heat. And besides this, the pestering flies and insects that tend to hover around make it even more difficult for people to enjoy their food.
  • If you’re a local restaurant owner struggling to increase your sales and business, especially during summers, and want to cater to a maximum number of customers who visit your restaurant for lunch and dinner, then consider installing our 18” fan high-pressure mist cooling system.
  • This mist cooling system is best for cooling outdoors. The system utilizes an industry-leading 1,500 psi pump for high-pressure mist generation. It also features stainless steel anti-drip nozzles that work efficiently and helps break down water generated through the pump into an ultra-fine fog-like mist. The system also features an 18” high-velocity three-speed fan that helps transmit mist to a greater distance and evenly in the surroundings, keeping the entire area cool and comfortable.
  • What makes our mist cooling system for restaurants superior to other systems available in the market is that our system is highly functional, easy to use and install, and, more importantly, available at an economical price. Once this high-pressure mist system is installed in the outdoor area of your restaurant, you can easily keep your surroundings cool even during the hottest summer days and also keep flies and insects at bay. The mist from the system wets their wings making it difficult for them to hover around.
  • Also, the mist generated from our high-pressure mist system with an 18” high-velocity fan is ultra-fine. It is fog like it absorbs the heat in the surroundings quickly and leaves zero residues on the floor. So, you don’t have to worry about the floor getting wet and wiping it over and over again.
  • For more information about our high-pressure mist system with an 18” high-velocity fan, get in touch with us today. Our team is available at your service and can help you make the right pick!