Stainless-Steel Fan Misting Ring 

Pre-threaded 10/24-Inch 4-Nozzle Fitting 3/8-Inch Stainless-Steel Fan Mister Ring used with misting nozzles on any 14-18-inch diameter Fans will reduce sizzling hot temperatures. Now enjoy the outdoors more than ever! Turn any existing fan into a cooling mist fan with HydroBreeze’s Stainless-Steel Mist Ring! This High-Pressure Misting Fan Ring is the perfect solution for cooling hot work areas, restaurant or home patios and even barns on those harsh summer days. Any ordinary fan, regardless of its size simply moves hot air from one location to another. By adding mist, your existing fan will now circulate significantly cooler air throughout the area. By adding this Stainless-Steel Cool Misting Ring in front of your existing fan, refreshingly cool mist will be released in to air. Your fan in combination with heat will now help instant evaporation of this mist. Thus, dramatically reducing the surrounding temperatures by as much as 30-Degrees F! 

Nozzles not included with ring. Fans sold separately.


  • Compatible with all High and Mid-Pressure Misting Booster Pumps
  • Helps cool hot temperatures by up to 30-Degrees F.
  • Stainless-steel ring will not corrode and has a Mist Cooling Inc. Lifetime Guarantee.
  • You can use your existing fan to save money on installing a misting system in your home or outdoors.
  • UV-Protected Supply Line Tubing included; attach to standard garden hose or spigot to access water supply.
  • Ring is made of quality stainless-steel and is hand-welded.
  • Custom fabricated stainless-steel Mist Rings and Manifolds are also available on request.

Use Mistcooling Inc Stainless-Steel Fan Misting Ring 12-4 to cool outdoor and indoor-workspace areas by up to 30-Degrees F! Sample applications include cooling patios, porches, pets, and greenhouses. Larger Misting Rings are available for larger fans to cover more area. Fan and Nozzles not included. 


  • Four 10/24-Inch pre-threaded Nozzle Slots
  • Includes Supply Line Tubing 
  • For use on 14-18-inch diameter Fans
  • Push-to-connect Inlet Fitting
  • 12-Inch Stainless-Steel Fan Mist Ring
  • Ring is made from 3/8-inch Rigid Industrial Grade 316 Stainless-Steel
  • Nozzle slots rated for up to 2000psi
  • Requires 10/24-Inch threaded Misting Nozzles

Please click on the link  below, if you would like to order.

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