AC Pre-Cooling Misting System

  • Hydrobreeze AC misting system is works on heat transfer principle to cool the hot air around the AC Coil. Since the air going into the condenser coil is already 20 to 30 degrees cooler, it puts less pressure on the condenser and compressor coil to cool the air. This results in reduced run time for your air-conditioning unit as your desired room temperature is achieved faster, resulting in savings on your energy bills.
  • Ideal for Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings. We have a smaller unit for Residential application.
  • This system is super easy to install for residential locations and for commercial locations as well.
  • We do provide professional installation of the AC Mister for commercial locations.

Commercial AC Mister

  • Besides residential use, the AC Pre-cooling system can also be custom configured for large scale commercial use. The Commercial AC Mister is customized for each location depending on the location, and the equipment you have installed.
  • The system below was installed by using our new magnetic clamps, with no holes drilled, push lock fittings for ease of installation and service, as well as the high pressure misting pump filter for protect the nozzles and AC from clogging or scale build up. The system is a do it yourself misting system.
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Residential AC Cooling Kit

AC Mister consists of a  mist controller which connects to the 24 AC thermostats current on your AC unit which is automatically activated mist the moment your AC turns on. This results in lower electricity bill and less usage of water.It is important to replace the filter periodically to prevent scale build up and nozzles getting clogged, the mister also prevents heavy dust and debris around the AC, resulting in higher AC efficiency.

Base Kit Of Cool energy for Residential AC pre-cooling mister consists of:

• 24vac Automatic Mist Controller with on/off switch (110v and 220v also available)
• Scale Treatment Filter with proven results
• 3 – Ultrafine Brass/Stainless Steel Orifice Mist Nozzles
• 20ft Flexible UV Coated Tubing
• 3/4″ Garden Hose Adapter
• Leak Proof Compression Misting Tees
• All necessary fittings and hardware for easy installation

System Features

  • Low water Usage with ultrafine Mist nozzles
  • Saves up to 30% on Summer Electricity Bill –
  • Eco-Friendly and Efficient –
  • Quick and Easy to install –
  • System is expandable for larger units
  • Includes 3 Month Scale Free Water Treatment Filter
  • Uses less than 6 cents of water per day


Commercial AC Mister

Industrial AC Pre-Cooling

Air conditioning systems are great to keep the indoors cool during hot summers but when they’re run frequently (day and night), they can put a big dent in your pocket as they can result in high utility bills. However, if you wish to keep your indoors super cool during the summers while lowering your energy bills, you might want to consider installing a commercial grade AC misting system.

An AC misting system can be best defined as a pre-cooling air conditioning system that is uniquely designed and engineered to keep the air around the air conditioning unit cool. Now if we‘ve got you wondering how it will help in lowering your energy bill, then read below:

To understand the function of the commercial AC Mister, it’s important to first understand the reason why AC units take much longer to cool the indoors during summers. When the weather becomes hot, the cooling capacity of the AC unit decreases by nearly 14 to 15%. And simultaneously, the power that it draws increases significantly by at least 31 percent. Since the air outside is hotter than the usual, it takes more time for the condenser coil and the built-in compressor to cool the hot air and therefore, you need to keep the system running longer, resulting in skyrocketing energy bills.

Now this is where our AC misting system can benefit you. The function of this unit is to pre cool the air around the AC unit. The system emits cool mist around the unit which keeps the air in the surroundings cool. As the warm air cools before it enters the AC unit, it puts less pressure on the AC’s compressor. Therefore, it takes fairly lesser time to cool the room and achieve the optimal room temperature, thereby translating into massive energy savings and low utility bills.

Our AC mister system comes with the following equipment:

  • Automatic mist controller
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • UV coated tubing,
  • Garden hose adapter
  • Misting tees
  • Other necessary hardware and fittings

Unlike other service providers, our AC misting systems are far superior in both performance and features. The systems we provide you with are highly functional and the best investment that you can possibly make. Here’s a quick overview of what makes your investment in our systems a sweet deal:

  • We provide you with the highest quality commercial grade AC mister
  • Our system features stainless steel nozzles that are corrosion resistant, low in maintenance and durable
  • Our tubing is UV coated and will not crack or leak when exposed to hot temperatures
  • Our systems are configured to work at city water pressure between 40 psi and 100 psi.
  • Our system includes scale control filtration which prevents both the condenser coil from scaling and nozzles from clogging.
  • The screen filter ensures debris and heavy dust doesn’t lower the performance of the coil
  • It is a onetime investment that will last for years and offer you amazing energy savings from the moment you integrate it into your property.
  • It will help improve the overall efficiency of your AC unit during the summers

Commercial AC Mister

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