Special Effects Misting Systems


If you like to spice things up and add drama to your life and in your surroundings, then you might want to invest in our special effects mistscaping kit. By installing our special effects mist cooling system in your landscape, you can make your surroundings super exciting, comfortable and very dramatic. It’s the best way to bring home the fun and give summers a little twist this year.

As the name suggests, the special effects mistscaping kit is designed exclusively to give a special and exotic tropical effect & feel, and make your outdoors super fun. The assembling of this kit is done differently as compared to other systems. To stir excitement and create a mystical effect that wows people in the surroundings, the mistscaping kit features:

  • 10 fogging nozzles,
  • A high quality 250 psi mid pressure misting pump
  • Patented mist-clusters
  • A built-in automatic cyclic on & off twin timer
  • And besides this, our prices are pocket friendly

To ensure that the system is outdoor rated, it features Hp nylon flexible tubing that is resistant to heat and extreme weather temperatures.

All you need to do is simply install and assemble the system together and set the timer according to your needs and voila, get ready to enjoy an exotic tropical feel in your home like never before.

You can install it near your swimming pool to create a tropical feel around it, making it super fun for kids to play in the pool and have a great time during summer holidays instead of sitting in front of the TV or playing video games indoors all day long. What makes this a great choice is the fact that it is safe and pure. The mystical effect is created with water and nothing else, so you can be confident that it’s not health damaging like the chemicals used to create this effect in theme parks. Also, it is a onetime investment that benefits you for years to come. It will help you create drama around your turf while keeping it cool and comfortable.

For more information about out special effects mistscaping kit or misting systems, get in touch with us today!